Advanced Technology

Cutting-Edge Dental Care is Offered with Advanced Technology and Products

NOVA Dental Anesthesia in Burke, Northern VA is one of the most technologically-advanced dental practices in Burke, VA and also uses some of the most cutting-edge products available in the dental industry. Because we are committed to providing superior dental care in all areas of our practice, we use the highest-rated digital x-ray equipment, intraoral cameras, and sedation monitoring equipment. Some brand names that we’re proud to be associated with include Oral-B, Soft-Picks, Sonicare, and Waterpik.

Innovative Treatment Options Have Their Advantages

By using only the latest equipment, NOVA Dental Anesthesia can provide their patients with an improved dental experience in every area of dentistry – whether it’s for general treatment or cosmetic treatment. Patients will be examined and treated with the latest cameras, equipment, and next-generation monitoring equipment should sedation or anesthesiology be performed. These include brain signal monitors that allow us to accurately use the right amount of sedation so patients can wake up with fewer side effects and less nauseous than going without monitoring.

NOVA Dental Anesthesia Will Always Be on the Cutting-Edge

The caring and professional staff at NOVA Dental Anesthesia are not only trained to use the latest technology, but they actively participate in continuing education on equipment that’s new to enter the marketplace. If you or someone you love is experiencing a complicated medical or dental issue that requires specialized equipment, contact NOVA Dental Anesthesia in Northern Virginia to learn how they can help in these special situations.

Advanced Technology and New Patient Specials? What Could Be Better!

Whether you’re a patient seeking pain-free dental care or you’re a patient with complex medical issues such as autism, Down syndrome, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or more, you can depend on NOVA Dental Anesthesia’s use of advanced technology to treat your case with the highest level of care. And there’s no better time than now to make an appointment since NOVA Dental Anesthesia is offering a $79 new patient special which includes a full set of x-rays, oral cancer screening, a comprehensive exam, and regular cleaning. And if you’re interested in sedation dentistry, NOVA Dental Anesthesia is also offering a sedation special that includes a sedation consultation, x-rays, and an exam.

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