How to Deal with Dental Anxiety in Children

How to Deal with Dental Anxiety in Children

Kids are often scared of seeing the dentist. You would hardly find children who are fine with the idea of seeing the dentist. Kids do whatever they can to avoid the dental visit. The reason for this behavior is fear and anxiety. While some kids have already had a painful experience, which has led to the fear of dental procedures, others suffer from the fear of the unknown. The idea of sitting on the dental chair itself scares them.

It is a major issue that needs to be addressed as the deep-rooted fears can make them avoid the required dental treatments for tooth discomfort even in adulthood. It is better to help your child overcome these fears so that they can maintain healthy teeth and gums in the long run. Even if parents bring their child to the dental clinic, it becomes difficult for the technician and dentist to get through the procedure. Also, the anxiety can be detrimental to not just their oral but their mental health as well.

What Parents and dentists can do for Helping the Children?

It can become easier when parents and dentists communicate and work together for making the child comfortable during the dental visit. Parents and dentists are the key people who can make the dental procedure soothing. Let’s explore further about how parents and dentists can help.

Role of Parents

  • Before the visit

Inform your child in advance about the dental visit. It is better not to make them anxious by surprising them with a dental visit. When you know your child is afraid of seeing the dentist, it is better to inform and prepare them. This is the time you need to start preparing them for fighting their dental phobia. Ask them to share their fears and queries with you. Take as much time as required to answer each query of theirs. Don’t give out much of the details and tell them that they can ask a few questions to the dentist in Burke as well. This is because dental professionals are trained for describing the procedures to children in non-threatening ways.

Communication is the key! The more you talk to them and make them realize the importance of maintaining dental health, the more comfortable they become. Mention them that the dentist in 22015 is a friendly professional who wants to help them in keeping their teeth and gums in good shape and form.

  • During the Visit

You must ask the dentist for some advice and follow their instructions. You must take your child’s favorite toy with you as the toy can help in distracting the child during the treatment. If at all your child throws tantrums, you must stay calm.

Role of Dentist

  • Speaking Gently

The dentist should not come across as a scary or threatening person to the child. He must speak gently and in a kind tone with the child. A dentist who often deals with children would know how to make them feel comfortable. Also, the dentist must use simple words for making the child understand every bit of the procedure. The dentist can use a doll or another person for demonstrating the procedure.

  • Keep the Child Engaged In a conversation

It is important to keep the child engaged in a conversation and keep them distracted for overcoming dental anxiety. The dentist can keep talking to the child asking them about their favorite food items, favorite cartoon characters, what subjects they like in the school, etc. this way the child’s attention would be drawn from the procedure. It will also make the child feel friendly around the dentist.

  • Positive Enforcement

The dentist must applaud them for their bravery and good behavior during the dental visit.

If none of this work, you can try sedation dentistry for your child. The general anesthesia in the form of nitrous oxide, oral sedation pills, and IV can help the child in relaxing during the procedure by putting them in a sleep-like condition. The kids will not remember what happened during the procedure which will help in eliminating their anxiety and fear of the dentist and dental procedures. Sedation dentistry is a boon for kids who are afraid of the dentist.

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