Adults with Dental Anxiety/Phobia

Adults with Dental Anxiety/Phobia

Having anxiety should never keep someone from the dental treatment that they so desperately need. This is why NOVA Dental Anesthesia is one of the premier dentistry’s to help treat those who may have dental-related anxiety or phobia.

Everyone should be able to have their teeth examined, cleaned, and taking care of properly. This can be more difficult a procedure for those who are terrified to set foot near a dentist or happen to have a fear of people touching their teeth in general.

This is why sedation can help those who have anxiety. Laughing gas can calm someone with anxiety down so that everything doesn’t seem quite so fear-inducing. Then the dentist can get the job done as fast as possible.

Severe Gag Reflex

Having a severe gag reflex can be uncomfortable at the best of times, like when eating or drinking. At the dentist, it is an absolute disaster. Many people keep from their annual visits to avoid potential discomfort or embarrassment due to their severe gag reflex.

This is not a problem for dentists at NOVA Dental Anesthesia as we know just what to do. A simple IV sedation can help keep this gag reflex from happening and make sure that appropriate dental care is received in a timely manner.

Difficulty Getting Numb

Having a strong resistance to a local anesthetic is not uncommon at all. We’ve seen it all before, so we know how to handle it. This makes us one of the best choices out there for dental needs if you have difficulty getting numb for treatment.

Some people may have more nerves to be treated than others, and some people may just need a different type of anesthetic. From nitrous oxide to an IV sedation there are many techniques to make sure your needs are met, and no pain is felt.

Extensive Dental Treatment

It can be mind-boggling if a full set of dental treatment is needed. Multiple root canals, extractions, implants, or more can all cause a full day’s work in your mouth. No one wants to have to sit around awake for all that and experience a sore jaw. That’s why often people are put to sleep under a general anesthetic to deal with that. It will go by so quick for you that way.

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