Dental Bridges in Burke, Northern Virginia

Dental Bridges in Burke, Northern Virginia

Missing a single tooth may be something that many people find unnecessary to fix right away – if at all. We are here to inform all of our readers and potential patients that replacing a missing tooth is one of the most important treatments you can seek out. Many may be unaware of the adverse effects having a missing tooth can have on not only the mouth but your entire body as a whole. We will be discussing that exact topic to shed some light on the importance of fixing your teeth with a great restorative dental solution known as dental bridges in Northern Virginia.

What Are Dental Bridges?

At its most basic level, a dental bridge is what is used to anchor or position of the false tooth in the space where a tooth may have been lost due to injury or tooth decay. The remaining structures left around the space are what is used to support a dental implant. Dental crowns are often used to be placed over dental bridges which can then help a patient achieve the natural-looking finish of having an entire tooth. Dental bridges also make it hard for the remaining teeth left in the mouth to shift and cause other bite or jaw problems.

Who Do Dental Bridges Benefit?

Dental bridges are able to offer a different set of benefits depending on how you came into the treatment chair. Dental bridges prevent the teeth on either side of the remaining gap from shifting which can ultimately have an adverse effect on both the shape and function of your jaw. If you have a missing tooth or even a set of consecutive missing teeth, you can greatly benefit from getting dental bridges implanted into the leftover space.

Are You the Appropriate Candidate for This Treatment?

There are very few patients that can’t seek out dental bridges as a potential solution to their missing teeth. In case you are unsure or would like to know more information about dental bridges as a whole, we recommend getting in contact with a Burke dentist that prides themselves in being honest and effective in how they treat their patients. Give us at NOVA Dental Anesthesia a call in order to schedule an appointment at our Burke office. We can’t wait to meet you and your entire family!

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