Dental Anesthesia in Northern Virginia

Dental Anesthesia in Northern Virginia

Sometimes All You Need is a Little Help

There is absolutely no reason anyone should be uncomfortable during a dental procedure. Whether it’s a simple exam and cleaning or a more complex procedure such as a filling or periodontal treatment, NOVA Dental Anesthesia knows that it should be as pleasant as possible. That’s why sedation and anesthesiology are available to patients of all ages.

The Many Uses of Sedation Dentistry

Most often used for patients who have a fear of pain or experience dental anxiety, NOVA Dental Anesthesia in Northern VA offers sedation dentistry for other uses, as well. These can include use on children who are unable to sit still for a procedure, or children and individuals with special needs who may be confused by the procedure that’s going on around them. In all cases, Dr. Ali and his team will provide the sedation in an environment that includes maximum comfort and minimum stress – two elements that are guaranteed to reduce anxiety.

Types of Sedation and Anesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Ali offers the following types of sedation and anesthesiology so every patient can experience a stress-free procedure when visiting their conveniently located Burke, Northern VA dental office:

  • Laughing gas
  • Oral sedation
  • IV sedation
  • Topical, local, and general anesthetic

If you’re not sure which type of sedation will work best for you, Dr. Ali will make recommendations based on his education, training, and experience.

Sedation Dentistry Can Be Used in Many Procedures

Even if it’s a simple procedure, such as a dental exam or x-rays, some patients find that, without the help of sedation dentistry, they avoid having the procedures done at all. Unfortunately, that can be a very bad decision for a couple of reasons. First, postponing any dental work often leads to more complicated procedures needing to be done down the road. Also, many patients have found that when they utilize sedation dentistry a few times, they are able to wean themselves off of the need for sedation in the future.

Do You Want an Additional Incentive?

Right now, NOVA Dental Anesthesia is offering new patient specials to every new patient who books an appointment. Call today to take advantage of our $79 new patient special, which includes a full set of x-rays, oral cancer screening, a comprehensive exam, and regular cleaning. We also offer a sedation special that includes a sedation consultation, x-rays, and an exam. Book your appointment now!

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