General Anesthesia in Burke, Northern Virginia

General Anesthesia in Burke, Northern Virginia

Types of Sedation and Anesthesia Offered at NOVA Dental Anesthesia in Burke, Northern VA

Not every patient requires the same amount of sedation or anesthesia. Because of this, Dr. Ali and his staff at NOVA Dental Anesthesia offer the following types of sedation and anesthesia to their patients undergoing dental treatment in Burke, VA: Nitrous oxide, Oral sedation, IV sedation, and General anesthetic.

During your examination and appointment, it will be determined which method is best-suited for your particular procedure and needs. But whichever method is elected, you can rest assured that Dr. Ali and his team at NOVA Dental Anesthesia in Burke, VA will provide an environment that includes maximum comfort and minimum stress in their conveniently located Burke, VA office.

New Patient Special: Now’s the Time to Take Control of Your Dental Care

If you’ve been postponing taking control of your oral health, there is no better time than now to book an appointment with NOVA Dental Anesthesia in Northern Virginia. Not only are you assured of a pain-free and anxiety-free experience with the many choices of sedation and anesthesia that are available, but as a new patient, you can also benefit from a $79 new patient special which includes a full set of x-rays, oral cancer screening, a comprehensive exam, and regular cleaning. NOVA Dental Anesthesia in Burke is also offering a sedation special that includes a free sedation consultation, x-ray, and an exam. Book today!

At NOVA Dental Anesthesia we provide premier general anesthesia treatment. For many people though this may not say a lot to them as they don’t directly understand what general anesthesia is. Let’s dig in deep and explain it all.

What Is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is the medication that is used to keep you pain-free while undergoing surgery. Obviously, it is used for most major surgeries, but it is also used in dentistry as well for more extensive dental treatments when invasive restoration or surgery is needed. An anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia medication, and you will be dosed with an effective amount.

Usually, general anesthesia is administered via IV or just a casual injection, depending on how long the patient needs to be unconscious.

Local anesthesia is also common for minor treatments, where only a specific area is treated so that you feel no pain. This can be helpful for a tooth extraction filling, or a quick composite veneer.

The Difference Between General Anesthesia and Sedation

If you are under general anesthesia for treatment, then you are totally unconscious. To be sedated does fall under the general anesthesia umbrella, but you may not be unconscious. You may still be awake to follow instruction but sedated to help you relax or remain in control.

Nitrous oxide is a common form of sedation, and it’s also known as laughing gas. There are also some sedative medications that can be taken orally to help ease any anxiety or pain.

Benefits of Full General Anesthesia

Being fully unconscious for some treatments is actually more beneficial in many cases. This is true when surgery may take a long amount of time, so it can be exhausting feeling the need to have your mouth open, or if the surgery will be unsightly. Sometimes, it can just be easier to have a patient unconscious so the dentist can deal with the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is often true for young children special needs patients who may be extremely anxious or unable to sit still in the dental chair. Likewise, many adults have a fear of needles, or even routine dental treatments themselves. These concerns are not uncommon, but they can be put to rest when we make use of general anesthesia.

Overall, NOVA Dental Anesthesia is available to answer any and all questions about the treatments we provide. If you have any concerns or want to set up an appointment, then give us a call today.

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