Inlays and Onlays in Burke, Northern Virginia

Inlays and Onlays in Burke, Northern Virginia

If one of your teeth has become damaged beyond repair, many patients may be scared that the removal process can be too much. This is not only a fear that patients may have but also a risk that many dentists knowingly make in order to complete a dental restoration that will satisfy the patient. However, thanks to advancements in technology and techniques in the dental world, inlays and onlays in Northern VA offer a special set of solutions that provide a type of middle ground between fillings and dental crowns that can make both the dentist and the patient happy with the results.

A Comparison Between the Two

Let’s take a look at the difference between inlays and onlays. While both count as the same kind of dental restoration, inlays and onlays offer a different amount of coverage on the tooth that they are treating. Dental Inlays are most often compared to dental fillings as they are also placed in the grooves of the tooth. On the other hand, dental onlays cover more surface area, sometimes even going around and wrapping at least one of the cusps of teeth. In other circumstances, an onlay can cover an entire biting surface of a tooth depending on the damage incurred. Notably, the material most often used for both inlays and onlays is a special ceramic that makes these special tooth structures indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

The Application Process

The application process of both inlays and onlays is relatively simple. In two visits to the dental office, the tooth decay from the tooth will first be taken out and the impressions of this tooth structure are made. A temporary filling is put in the empty area of the tooth while the inlay and onlay are being made at a dental laboratory. By the second visit to the dental office, the temporary filling is removed in the permanent inlay or onlay is bonded into place using special crafting techniques.

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If you have been eagerly searching for a middle ground between a crown and a filling that can help bring back the structure and function of your tooth before it was damaged, we recommend that you visit our office in order to find out more about inlays and onlays and the added benefits associated with this kind of procedure. Give our Burke office a call today in order to set up a consultation appointment here at NOVA Dental Anesthesia in which you can openly ask any dental questions!

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