Root Canals in Burke, Northern Virginia

Root Canals in Burke, Northern Virginia

Are you afraid of root canals? If you are, you wouldn’t be alone! Root canals have often received a bad reputation amongst dental patients because they are thought of as being long, painful procedures that even have you leaving the dental office still in a degree of pain. In today’s article, we will work together to debunk some of these root canals myths that still permeate across different avenues that would otherwise keep patients from getting the exact care that they need!

What Do Root Canals Fix?

Root canals in Northern VA treat teeth that have become infected to the point of not being helped by a dental filling. In the following list, there are a few different symptoms that may be exhibited by the tooth in question, signaling that you do need a root canal:

  • Pain that comes and goes
  • Throbbing/excruciating pain
  • Darkening of the infected tooth
  • A recurring abscess at the gum line by the infected tooth

Should I Be Afraid?

Root canals have often received a negative reputation due to a lack of knowledge about the options on hand in a modern dental office. When doing your due diligence to find the right dental practice, it is important that you find one that offers great sedation dentistry options. This important tool can have you feeling little to no pain at all during a root canal, alleviating any fear you may have felt in the past.

The Process

The numbing agent by means of sedation dentistry is used to begin the root canal treatment. A handheld rotary tool is then used to remove infected debris on the inside of the tooth. Once the disinfecting is done, a filling is used to give the tooth back its structure, and the process is finalized either later on in the appointment or at a separate appointment all together by means of a crown or cap.

Get More Information About Root Canals From our Dentist Near You

The best way to alleviate fear or anxiety associated with anything, getting all the facts and ensuring that you’re well educated will help you stay calm and know what is to come. This is also extremely beneficial to patients that are seeking help to alleviate their tooth pain and need that extra help. Here at NOVA Dental Anesthesia, we work with our patients keeping comfort and care at the top of our priority list. In order to see the difference between us and our competitors, give our office a call today!

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