Special Needs Dentistry in Burke, Northern Virginia

Special Needs Dentistry in Burke, Northern Virginia

Does your loved one suffer from autism, down syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease or any other condition or injury that could make standard dentistry difficult? Patients with physical, medical, cognitive or developmental conditions sometimes require special consideration when it comes to receiving dental care. At NOVA Dental Anesthesia, we understand the importance of accommodating special needs patients and are dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to every single patient that visits our practice. If you or your loved ones have special needs, talk to our dentist in Northern VA at NOVA Dental Anesthesia about an appointment. We would be happy to provide the care you need.

Dental Care for Patients with Special Needs

When it comes to treating patients with special needs, it can be challenging in a typical dental practice environment. At NOVA Dental Anesthesia, we’ve created an atmosphere that is welcoming for all patients regardless of any special needs they may have.

How exactly patients are treated at our office can depend on various factors, including the patient’s disability and any limitations such as being wheelchair-bound, having uncontrolled movements, experiencing anxiety or even having violent tendencies. Based upon these factors, patients may need to be pre-medicated prior to arriving and even receive IV sedation during the procedure. At NOVA Dental Anesthesia, we are dedicated to providing the best care possible for your loved one and will take any necessary precautions to ensure their experience is the best it can possibly be.

For pre-medication prior to an appointment, an oral medication is typically prescribed that helps to reduce anxiety. More uncooperative patients may also need to receive an injection or even wear a mask to help with sedation during treatment.

If your loved one has special needs and is need of exceptional dental care, don’t hesitate to contact NOVA Dental Anesthesia, we are always accepting new patients and would be happy to accommodate any of your family’s needs.

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