What Is Considered as Oral Surgery?

What Is Considered as Oral Surgery?

For fixing physical disorders, surgeries are often required in many cases. For example, to heal heart blockage, heart surgery is conducted. To remove stones from kidneys or liver, surgeries are conducted. Similar to these instances, dental surgeries are carried out to deal with different sorts of oral disorders. For example, bone grafting and dental implants are considered as common oral surgeries. Dental implant is a known thing to us, as this surgery is conducted to place an artificial tooth in place of a missing tooth. Bone grafting is done for reshaping jaw line so that teeth alignment looks better. In the following section, various types of oral surgeries performed at NOVA Dental Anesthesia will be discussed.

Bone Grafting

As stated, bone grafting is done to correct the teeth alignment. For preparation of dental implant, bone grafting may also be required. In many cases, dentists also use bone grafting method to heal gum infections. Bone grafting process is often paired with gum surgery so that teeth appear accurately aligned.

Dental Implant

Dental implant is a process to plant an artificial tooth in place of a missing tooth. In many cases, patients come with the problem of broken tooth. So, at the first stage, surgery is done for extractions of broken teeth. Once broken teeth extracted, artificial teeth are implanted at those places through dental implant surgical process.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth appear at the age between 17 to 25 years. If they grow improperly, which mostly happens, they become quite painful. They can cause bleeding from gum as well. NOVA Dental Anesthesia offers tooth removals and wisdom tooth extraction surgery under supervision of professional dentists.

Re-infected Root Canal

In most of the cases, root canal therapy proves to be successful. But, in some cases, problems popup and surgery is required to be conducted. A small oral surgery is carried out to fix the re-infected root canal.

Apart from all these common oral surgeries, different other surgeries like surgery for jawbone for dentures and others have been conducted at NOVA Dental Anesthesia. Oral surgery should be done by professional and certified physicians after conducting complete health checkup of patient.

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